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My Specialized Knowledge: The Five Basics

Specialized Knowledge is Not Rocket Science

This week, in 30 Day Mental Cleanse Mastermind we are on Ch. 5- Specialized Knowledge in “Think and Grow Rich”.  As I pondered my specialized knowledge, the information and resources that help set me apart as a network marketing leader my thoughts went immediately to The Five Basics that are necessary to unlock true abundance in life and in business.  So this week I am focusing on my specialized knowledge of the five basics.

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How Can The Five Basics be Specialized Knowledge?

So, how can five basic principles, things that most network marketers really ought to already know, be so important as to be considered specialized knowledge?  Let’s examine the five basics and see.

Specialized Knowledge: Basic #1  Know who to listen to

Like any other human desire, becoming a network marketing leader requires the specialized knowledge of knowing who to listen to. So many people who are wanting to grow their network marketing businesses online turn to “experts” in online lead generation systems, because everyone knows that you gotta have leads, right? But what good are leads if you have no clue how to talk to and relate to people? So, who do you listen to in network marketing? How about someone who had build it and is currently building it once, building it big and building it to pay their children’s children? How about a mentor who has a proven system that teaches you “How to Think” not what to think? How about a mentor who continues to be mentored by a network marketing leader who has done the same thing?  Now lets add Basic #2.

Basic #2  Teachability/Coachability Index

Most people don’t know that the teach-ability/coach-ability index is key specialized knowledge in becoming a network marketing leader. The index is a percentage of teach-ability/coach-ability derived by multiplying 1) On a scale of 1-10, Your willingness to learn and 2) On a scale of 1-10, Your willingness to accept change. Multiply the two and you get your Teachability/Coachability Index. The higher your Index, the more likely you are to move into a leadership role and great success.

Basic #3  The Training Balance Scale

Most people think that specialized knowledge in network marketing is all about having a complete step-by-step System and a concrete plan of how you are going build your network marketing business, like “having all your ducks in a row”, right?  Wrong!  “Well you surely must have a balance between Why you are doing this business and How you are going to get it done, right?” Wrong Again! The REAL specialized knowledge in creating abundance in anything is this: The Training Balance scale balances when you understand that it is 99.9% Your Why and .1% your How. “The How Does Not Matter When the Why is Strong Enough.” So, focus 99.9% of your efforts on growing YOU with personal development, just like we do in 30 Day Mental Cleanse Mastermind.  Your results will show a network marketing leader who is Focused on his/her Why and lives in the NOW.  The four steps to learning will show us the process we must progress through.

Basic #4  Four Steps to Learning

The fours step to learning helps us understand how we develop specialized knowledge into Becoming a network marketing leader who is focused on the Why and living in the Now.

  1. Unconscious Incompetence:  we don’t know what we don’t know
  1. Conscious Incompetence: We know that we don’t know
  1. Conscious Competence: We know and can do it when we focus our minds on it
  1. Unconscious Competence:   We can do it without even thinking about it: On Auto Pilot

“I AM Enthusiastically and Freely Giving unconditional love, top notch training and the power of the mastermind in NOW attracting 20 leaders in my network marketing family.” This is my main self-talk. This self talk is my “sweet spot”, a message that lined up with my Why, Felt Great and stated what I will give in exchange for what I want. This is conscious competence, as I say my self talk out load 200-400 times per day. After consistently and persistently saying my self talk with Passion and Emotion over time, this self talk with just play in my subconscious mind on Auto-Pilot, now unconscious competence. And a true network marketing leader is Born.

Basic #5  Master The Basics 1-4

Basic #5 is a reminder of just how important it is to, 1) remember who to listen to, 2) remain as close to 100% Teach-able and Coach-able most of the time, 3)remain persistently and consistently Focus on the correct site of my scale and my Why  by 4) saying my self Talk 300-400 times per day with Passion and Emotion, which leads to unconscious competence and the mastery of the basics.

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Lets master Specialized knowledge in network marketing together in Mentoring for Free and 30 Day Mental Cleanse.

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