How do I Ask the Universe for Money: Part 1

How do I Ask the Universe for Money? People are coming to looking for an answer to this question. The following is Part 1 of my best answer to this question…

Hi Guys,

This post serves two purposes; 1) to begin answering the question, “How do I Ask the Universe for Money?”, and 2) to continue with Ch. 2 in my “Think and Grow Rich” series.

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Myth: “The Universe will just give me money if I ask for it, right?” Wrong! It’s All About Your Strongest Desires.

My Take on the Universe

The Law of Attraction Gurus most often avoid calling the Universe exactly what it really is… God!  God is the Universe, and Everything Else Too, and God gave us the power of Reason. Humans are the only creature on earth to have the power of reason, and With Reason comes Free Will to Think and Feel.

God Gives Us Exactly What We Ask For Every Single Time

To understand the Law of Attraction, you must understand God. God is loving and giving, and He responds to us and gives us whatever we consciously or subconsciously Desire Most. Are you aware of What You Desire Most? Are you steering your ship? Or are you on Autopilot? If you do not consistently ask God for what you desire most, through your Strongest and most Persistent Desires and Emotions, your subconscious mind will simply resonate the strongest emotions from your most dominant memories.

Be Careful What You Ask for…

This is exactly why they say, “Be careful what you ask for, because you just might get it.” I say, “Following Your Bliss will bring you the happiness and money you’ve always desired and always deserved.” What is Your Bliss? If money where no concern, what would you be doing  right now and whom would you be helping? The answer to these questions will unlock a lifetime of joy and fulfillment and Riches beyond your wildest expectations, and I’m not even kidding.

follow your bliss

PS:  Stay tuned for Part 2  on How Do I Ask the Universe for Money.

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