How to Rekindle Your Creative Imagination

The Creative Imagination

The creative imagination, that part of us that comes to life when we are ‘hitting on all cylinders’ or when we are ‘in the zone’ needs to be exercises and used just like a muscle. Here is what I do to develop and exercise my creative imagination muscle.

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My Imagination Growing Up

I can remember times growing up when I looked up to my Dad and my hero. He was an independent insurance agent, and the core of his business was local farms. Dad would let me go with him on Saturday mornings when he made his rounds to farmers at renewal time. I always got to play with the farmer’s dogs, cats and kids and I watched my Dad do his ‘magic’ as a very smooth and caring ‘closer’.  I used to use myself imagination to envision doing exactly what he did with my kids, and I was devastated when he steered me away from taking over his insurance agency and allowed my older brother to buy him out instead. In hindsight it was the best thing that could have happened, because I was not my passion to run an insurance agency. But, at the time, I felt like ‘I’m not good enough’ and that belief became a large part of my subconscious make up for most of my adult life.

All based around this one negative and emotionally dominant belief,  I sabotaged a whole bunch of great jobs and opportunities and even sabotaged myself as a parent, because my core belief was “Your not good enough.”  And with this dominant belief, my imagination muscle got little, if any, exercise. Michael Dlouhy, my friend and mentor, has said, ” people who are abusive toward their spouses and children don’t feel that they deserve to be loved”, and I am here to tell you without a doubt that Michael’s words are the truth. I was, for a short time, a very abusive and negative husband and father. I felt ashamed and embarrassed by my own thoughts and actions. And I knew when I heard those words from Michael that I has to get 100%, no excuses, committed to changing ME.

How I Rekindled My Creative Imagination

I learned to live differently through the help of some amazing life-long friends, the 30 Day Mental Cleanse and intensive personal development work that has helped be to change my beliefs about myself and stop the “Chatter” on a daily basis. Over the course of the last 9 months or so, I have written out and said my self-talk (a positive spark to rekindling one’s imagination) over 100,000 times. I say it out load  100-400 times per day with passion and love, I have it playing on a video in the background on my computer all day long, and I have it playing in a subliminal message when I meditate for 1 hour per day. I made a decision when I started fully participating in 30 Day Mental Cleanse that I was going to Become More to Be More and To Do more for my children and everyone I know and love. And, my imagination started coming back in very positive and profound ways when I found myself believing my self-talk 100%.

This is what it means to me to be ALL IN as a leader, and I’m not messing around.  It takes daily work and diligence with positive self talk wrapped around just feeling good about myself and everyone around me to keep that negative puke cloud, once dissipated, from growing back.  In many ways, my life and business have ‘turned the corner’ to success, and I am now even more committed to continuing to Change Me. That old belief that you read up there in quotes… That’s not who David H. Paul, the Follow Your Bliss guy is today. Now my self-talk looks like this…” I am outrageously happy, supremely confident, and overwhelmed with gratitude and peace. I am blessed beyond my expectations daily, I feel exuberant and blissful, loved and admired and I keep feeling better all the time.”

I’m now fully committed to Become more so I can Be More and Do More, because I love Myself and love sharing my gifts with anyone who raises their hand… with no agenda.  Just imagine what kind of results are coming from transmitting this kind of positive energy with complete faith and love. It is not only a whole lot of fun, but it is also the most amazing way to build a business ever! What is really cool is how my creative imagination seems to just come out to play, freely, just at the right time and with the right person these days. The joyful feelings that come from helping people at this level feels just like I felt when I watched my Dad to his ‘magic’ all those years ago. It all comes full circle. Thanks, Dad.

If you have the desire and the commitment level to REALLY Become More so you can Be More and Do More, then you are in the right place, right here and right now with Mentoring for Free and 30 Day Mental Cleanse.

following your bliss

PS- Let your imagination run free as you see yourself becoming the network marketing leader you have always wanted to be.

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