How to Do Sex Transmutation

sex transmutation? WHAT The…

Learning how to effectively use the mystery of sex transmutation is one of the most important concepts to master in the process of truly following your bliss. Sex!? Did someone say Sex?! Oh My Gosh! What kind of weird prosperity coaching is this? Calm down, and put those belief systems on ice for just a minute here.

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Mastering the Skill sex transmutation

We are talking about sex Transmutation (emphasis is on Transmutation) here, guys: The transmutation of one emotion into other emotions, so as to maximize our effectiveness in life and in business. So, Why Not just get right to it and transmute the most powerful emotion known to mankind, Sex. The emotion of sex is the most powerful emotion known to mankind, because it is a BASE emotion. Base emotions are Required for our survival and are generated from the most ancient part of our brain. Some have called this part of our brain “the reptilian brain”, where awareness in not only optional, it’s absent. So, learning the process of sex transmutation is both important and difficult.

The idea with sex transmutation is to be able to catch this Most Powerful and most autonomic (on auto-pilot) emotion called sex and redirect it into Doing, Being and Having More. So, how is this done? Well, Napoleon Hill in “Think and Grow Rich” Ch. 11 really doesn’t tell us, but he hints around that people who are highly sexed tend to get more for their efforts. He also makes mention that most men don’t really start living their bliss and making a major impact on the world until after age 40 or so. So, how do we do this thing called sex transmutation?

sex transmutation

How to do sex transmutation

My own understanding of how to do sex transmutation is this. 1) Allow the emotion of sex to be here, now. No need to believe anything, do anything about it or change it, just let it be what it is. 2) Remember or imagine situations where you experienced this emotion with someone whom you are or where passionately in love with. Really visualize that moment. Just visualize and feel without doing anything. 3) Now imagine yourself as you want to see yourself. See yourself being, doing and having your hearts desire and accomplishing all of your dreams and goals. 4) Now, with that intense emotion Go Do something that will help you come just a little closer to becoming the person you have always wanted to become. Only you know exactly who that person is, and you are amazing.  I think that ought to do it.

To your Peace and Prosperity,

sex transmutation

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